The Templer Foundation

The Templer Foundation

Paul Templer

Chief Executive Officer
Paul Templer grew up in Africa (Zimbabwe). After school he set off to explore the world; after gallivanting around the globe for a few years he served with the British Army for a while before returning home to a career in the safari industry until “a bad day at the office” – a deadly hippopotamus attack – forced him to rebuild his life and career.

Today, he is the CEO of opusdynamic, a global consulting practice that specializes in leadership development, conflict resolution, and guiding organizations so that they can better navigate the turbulent waters of the ever-changing business world. Paul is fascinated by the phenomenon of optimal human performance and enjoys the privilege of working with people and organizations at the forefront of research and application of what it takes for us to function at an optimal level, demonstrated by a capacity to really take care of who and what we care about. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker, inspiring audiences from all walks of life on how to create the lives they want—one decision at a time. He recently co-authored both his autobiography What’s Left of Me: How I lost a fight with a rogue hippo and won my life and Success Simplified with Stephen Covey et al – revealing simple solutions that produce measurable results in business and in life.

A dedicated father and committed global citizen, Paul and his family live in Michigan where they have established the Templer Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting people to live more fully in their lives with dignity. His family –somewhat reluctantly – have found ways to share him, supporting his commitment to living and helping others to live the life of their dreams.

Sally Allen

Author, Early Intervention Programs
Sally Allen has lived and worked in Africa for most of her life. Starting as a kindergarten teacher in the 1960’s she became interested in and actively pursued a career working with people with special needs in 1980. She worked as a teacher and administrator before moving on to work at a national, regional and then global level, focusing on curriculum development, implementation and supervision of innovative programs focusing upon the care and well being of those with special needs, regardless of their ages or circumstances.

During the 1990’s she worked as a consultant for special education for UNESCO, responsible for developing home based teaching videos and handbooks to assist parents of severely handicapped children. At the same time, in a voluntary capacity she founded and directed a Toy Library and Special Olympics Zimbabwe.

Sally spearheaded the development and production of this early intervention program in response to the clear and apparent need for it…  “I felt there was need for a simple guide for parents who have recently received this daunting diagnosis for their child, and may have no idea of the implications, who want to help their child yet feel helpless and have no idea of where to start and what can be done.”

Sally has spent most of her life in Zimbabwe and enjoys working with children and adults who have special needs. She has been instrumental in developing educational opportunities for these students in regular schools and has been responsible for establishing and monitoring an appropriate curriculum in special schools for students from pre-school level to adulthood. Erin’s Light; the expansion and development of these humble beginnings; will empower parents globally and provide hope and confidence in them that they have the knowledge to make that difference in their child’s life.

Holly McClellan

Personal Assistant to Paul Templer

Holly is the Personal Assistant to Paul and supports our global mission of Helping Others Help Themselves.  She leverages her deep experience in organizational skills to ensure consistent and timely communication to our team around the globe. Holly has a relentless focus for serving the CEO and senior level management, as well as helping with day-to-day business operations and long-term business development planning. She previously served as a border patrol agent which has provided her with a swift and sharp eye to ask the right questions and find the right resources when needed.

Holly is a critical player on the Templer team helping Paul to be where he needs to be and ensuring that he’s able to do what he’s there to do when he’s there. Anyone who knows Paul will know that this is not easy.

Chipo Mlambo

Executive Director – Africa

Chipo Mlambo Mudavanhu, coordinates Erin’s Light, our Early Intervention Program in Zimbabwe.  She spends much of her time work with caregivers who genuinely do not know how to care for or support their children with special needs. It gives me such joy when parents report back to just say “Thank you for this program”. Parents of children with special needs spend most of their efforts tending to the child’s physical needs, not knowing that laughing, playing and even making simple gestures of acknowledgement can make a big difference in any child’s life. To be a witness of someone else happy moments is truly a blessing!

Carold Garcia

Project Coordinator (Nicaragua)

I am Carold Yanoris García, administrator and coordinator of the Erin’s Light Nicaragua Project. I have a song of struggle for every day of my life “I can do everything through God who strengthens me!” I have vague memories of my bittersweet childhood; my cradle was the arms of my Father; my food; the hope of my humble family and a town to see a new sun rise each morning until the end of the war that raged in Nicaragua between 1979-1990. Those days are behind … but they formed in me a firm, linear, strong… but not unshakable, not impassable spirit. What does Erin’s Light mean to Carold? My mission for the rest of my life is to be in service of the Nicaraguan children with or without disability.

Rosalina Flores

Coordinator (Nicaragua)

Rosalina Flores Obando, represents an organization in Nicaragua (ASOPIECAD) that collaborates with Erin’s Light in helping families with disabilities. Rosalina has coordinated projects within the framework of the RBC strategy since 2006, in alliance with international organizations and local institutions. Rosalinda has developed community initiatives focused on the social and educational inclusion and support of children from early childhood on, cognizant that during our early years, our brain and biological development correlates with on the quality of stimulation that we receive from the the people we care about and who care about us… and the environment we grow up in.

Amanda Bergen

Communications Director of the Americas

As a result of her lived experiences in Mexico and Canada, Amanda has dedicated her life to the protection and well being of children. Amanda had a skill set of being trilingual which has greatly assisted in her service in her multicultural community and now Erin’s Light. Amanda has experience in case management, advocacy services to families and assessing risk to children. Amanda obtain an Honours Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2012.

The Templer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our primary purpose is to provide financial and practical support to people in need.

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